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Gorilla Performance Discs Silverback

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Disc: Savage 173-175 white 3

Pickup currently unavailable at 777 Graham road

Savage Flight Numbers: 12, 4, 0, 3

Clutch Flight Numbers: 12, 4.5, -1, 3

Meet the Silverback, the first disc from Gorilla Performance Discs! This stable high speed distance driver can handle any amount of power you want to put on it and stands unquestioned as the conqueror of headwinds, flex shots, and hard finishing hyzers. Power players will love the stable flight and ranging capabilities that the Silverback provides, and lower arm speed players will enjoy the consistent finishes as the Silverback claims its territory near the basket.

Gorilla Performance Discs says this about the Silverback:

"The Savage runs are GREAT for headwinds, fantastic for forehands and when you need a longer, overstable shot you can trust."


SAVAGE- An opaque High performance blend, typically the most stable in our line. Savage is stiff for premium control and great grip with extreme durability. It is the choice of more powerful throwers. Similar to Alpha from Lone Star.

CLUTCH - Opaque and durable, with resilient flex and optimal grip. Clutch will be your go-to in colder weather and is typically less stable than its Savage counterpart. Similar to Bravo from Lone Star.

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