Trash Panda

Putter Plastic Inner Core

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Weight: 173

Pickup available at 1500 Front Royal Drive

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Flight Numbers:Β 

Introducing a tackier, gripy-er putter plastic version of the Inner Core! Made from a combination of 100% recycled plastic and natural minerals.

"We have been working on getting a recycled putter plastic out into the world and we think we've cracked the code πŸ‘€

The Result? A combination of 100% recycled plastic and a natural mineral to make the most sustainable putter plastic possible! 🌎

Our new "base" Inner Core offers more tack and grip for those looking to putt with Trash Panda, and a very limited run will go live to the public on May 22nd at 12pm MT!"

What are the weights and colors?

This entire run of our new recycled plastic is this beautiful off-white color and weighs between 170-174 grams πŸ‘

Why a limited run?

Because this is our first test with recycled plastic and natural minerals, we wanted to make a smaller drop for this first round to see what the public thinks. (So far, our team, our Patreon community and some local friends of the brand are loving it!) That means there will be a limited amount available to you (max of 25) and then to our customers once we release the disc. So make sure to snag them while they are available!


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