Apex Disc Golf Rangefinder

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The Apex Rangefinder is designed specifically for disc golf! This unit measures in feet so you can be sure to get an exact measurement to the pin and adjust your disc selection and throwing style accordingly. The Apex Rangefinder has an impressive 6X optical zoom that can accurately measure distances between 10 and 2,000 feet away, well more than necessary for even the longest disc golf course. It helps you measure slope so that you can adjust your throws based on uphill or downhill gravity effects. The rangefinder even has a built in speed gun. However, this is difficult to use on small objects like flying discs. Here is the rundown and instruction manual on how to use the Apex Rangefinder:
How it works
The Apex Rangefinder NF-600 uses a 905 nanometer Class 1 laser that is invisible and safe for human eyes. To take a measurement, the Apex Rangefinder emits a laser burst and calculates the time it takes to bounce off the object being measured and return. The time is then calculated to determine the distance from the Apex Rangefinder to the object. Internal electronics are used to measure the angle difference from the horizontal plane.

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