Grip6 Disc Golf Belt

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Normal belts are just plain bad; they're bulky, heavy, have holes (which means they never fit right and wear out quickly) and an unsightly flap hanging out. BJ Minson, founder of GRIP6, searched for a belt that didn't have these problems but couldn't find one, so in 2013 he built his own better belt, the patented GRIP6 Belt!

No Holes, No Bulk, No Hanging Flap! The GRIP6 Belt is the ultimate belt for comfort and durability for every occasion, whether you're at home, at work, or at play, in jeans, khakis, shorts, or wearing a suit, carrying a holster or other everyday carry items, you'll look and feel great in your GRIP6 Belt. Here's why:

* Infinitely Adjustable- the patented friction lock system, which requires no holes and places the flap neatly underneath, keeps your pants in place all day, everyday, never loosens, and adjusts to the exact fit you need with no hassle. That means it's a perfect belt for carrying or light utility, because it can be easily adjusted to any gear, knife, handgun, that is added. And it means you can adjust automatically after a great meal or as you meet your health goals.

* Interchangeable - Our straps and buckles can be easily switched out, and that means our belts match with any possible outfit you have, whether you're wearing jeans, khakis, business casual, or a suit, your GRIP6 Belt will make you look great!

* Durable, Guaranteed for Life - The GRIP6 Belt is made from American-sourced, Aerospace-grade Aluminum 6061 and Nylon 6, and contains two pieces connected by the badger-bite friction-lock system. This combination of quality and simplicity ensures that your GRIP6 Belt will last for decades. And if it ever does wear out, you can exchange it for free forever at

* American Made- We make these belts (and our socks and wallets) right here in the United States. And we don't just make them here, we source our Aluminum from American mines, we get our leather from American Cattle Ranchers, and we gather our wool from American Sheep Ranchers. So when you buy GRIP6, you're not just supporting an innovative American Made product, you're supporting all levels of industry and manufacturing, critical to our economy and future of the United States!

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