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Infinite Discs Cohort

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Disc: Halo S blend 173-5 green/yellow 3

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Flight Numbers: 3.5, 4, 0, 1

The Cohort is a shallower compliment to the Alpaca. This disc is a perfect fit for a player with smaller hands or those that prefer a smaller hand-feel for their putter. It's a straight flyer that can handle a decent amount of power and also perform well for touchy upshots. This disc falls somewhere inbetween a putt and approach and a midrange disc, and can be easily used for both. The shallow grip makes this disc comfortable for both backhands and forehands.

What's that last number next to the disc variant? That is a dome rating!

1- puddle topped

2 - board flat

3 - normal feeling disc

4 - slight dome

5 - pop top

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