Latitude 64

Latitude 64 Honor

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Disc: Royal Grand 176 blue 3

Pickup available at 777 Graham road

Usually ready in 24 hours

Flight Numbers: 9, 5, 0, 2.5

Honor is a speedy fairway driver made for control shots. It has good glide, and the right amount of overstability to earn your trust, but still give you great distance off the tee. We jokingly refer to the Honor as the "Lat 64 Sexton Firebird" because it has the reliable overstable finish like people want from their 9 speed forehand discs, but it will glide and push a bit more distance than a typical Firebird, Pioneer, etc.

What's that last number next to the disc variant? That is a dome rating!

1- puddle topped

2 - board flat

3 - normal feeling disc

4 - slight dome

5 - pop top

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