Lone Star

Lone Star Disc BB6

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Disc: Delta 1 170 pale yellow 2

Pickup available at 777 Graham road

Usually ready in 24 hours

Flight Numbers: 4, 5, -2, 1

The BB6 is Lone Star's flagship understable mid. When thrown at mid-to-high speeds, the BB6  has a gradual and predictable turn. This makes it the perfect disc for long turnover shots, taking advantage of tailwinds, or riding gentle lines through the woods.

Thrown with power, the BB6 will produce consistent hyzer flips that glide down the fairway with ease. Players with lower power will love this disc for its straight lines.

What's that last number next to the disc variant? That is a dome rating!

1- puddle topped

2 - board flat

3 - normal feeling disc

4 - slight dome

5 - pop top

 Hope this helps you be equipped for whatever the course may throw at you!

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