Lone Star

Lone Star Disc Wrangler

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Disc: Alpha 175 swirly pink 3

Pickup available at 777 Graham road

Usually ready in 24 hours

Flight Numbers: 9, 5, -1, 2

The Lone Star Discs Wrangler is a neutral to stable 9 speed. The discs specifications look very similar to the Chupacabra, Mad Cat and Lariat. Just a millimeter deeper and a sharper rim than all 3. These are described as a "faster and slightly more  stable Frio" with more dome than a Lariat.

The Wrangler debuts in Alpha and Bravo plastic and will also be available in the new Alpha and Bravo Glow plastic shortly!

What's that last number next to the disc variant? That is a dome rating!

1- puddle topped

2 - board flat

3 - normal feeling disc

4 - slight dome

5 - pop top

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