Lone Star

Lone Star Disc Mockingbird

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Disc: Alpha 173 yellow 4

Pickup available at 777 Graham road

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Flight Numbers: 7, 5, -2, 1

The Mockingbird is a slightly understable fairway driver from Lone Star disc that is loved by many for its easy hyzer flips that don't turn and burn at higher power. It has enough turn to fly straight or turn over and enough stability to come back at the end of the flight. This combination makes the Mockingbird is a great choice for a wide range of situations on the course.

With a smooth throw, the Mockingbird will take a straight flight. Give it hyzer, and it will hold it. Put a little power behind it, and it will turn hard and finish dependably.

The Mockingbird has a versatility to it that will work will for players of all skill levels.

What's that last number next to the disc variant? That is a dome rating!

1- puddle topped

2 - board flat

3 - normal feeling disc

4 - slight dome

5 - pop top

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