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Pixel Perfect - Eagle McMahon & the Newest in the Simon Line
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Pixel Perfect - Eagle McMahon & the Newest in the Simon Line

Simon Line’s Second Disc - the Pixel

On Tuesday, January 16, 2024, MVP Discs shocked the disc golf world with the release of the second disc in Simon Lizotte’s “Simon Line”, the Electron Pixel. However, it wasn’t the announcement of the Pixel itself that was the surprise, but rather who announced it - none other than Simon’s former fellow Crush Boy at Discmania Discs, Eagle McMahon. There had been rumors of Eagle’s arrival at MVP Discs for weeks, but fans had assumed that the confirmation of this sponsorship would have to wait for at least another week or so until after the Pixel release (which was teased for several days beforehand on MVP’s Instagram account). The delay in announcement for Eagle’s new home created buzzz in the community as fans debated with one another on whether or not Eagle would be with Team MVP or go play for Innova Discs or possibly even Latitude 64.


Eagle McMahon Announced for Team MVP

However, that speculation came to a climactic end in a short 30 second announcement video on MVP’s YouTube channel. The video was titled “Disc Reveal” (it has since been changed) and featured Simon Lizotte acknowledging that the big reveal of the day was for his long-anticipated Electron Pixel. However, after opening a box that contained Prism Proton Envys instead of his Pixels, the camera turned to reveal Eagle McMahon with the Simon Line disc in hand and decked head to toe in MVP and Axiom Disc regalia.

Eagle McMahon holding the Simon Line Pixel as his reveal of being the newest member of Team MVP

Eagle McMahon’s Contract with MVP Disc Sports

It was revealed on his signing day that Eagle McMahon signed a 5 year deal with Team MVP that would go through the 2028 season. This contract will end when he is 31 years old and will give him a great opportunity to re-up for a potentially massive deal similar to the one that his friend and new teammate Simon Lizotte received at a similar age just a year ago (10 years for north of $10 million, plus incentives). Eagle recently revealed in an interview that there are currently no plans for him to feature his own signature line like those of his teammates James Conrad and Simon Lizotte

New MVP Disc Releases

Simon Line Pixel and Eagle McMahon Prism Proton Envy with "Rebirth" stamp

The Simon Line Pixel was revealed with both a stock stamp and a special edition stamp, featuring art by Double Ram Design. In addition to a new disc, MVP used the opportunity to reveal their new Electron Soft plastic blend- this will be even softer than the current Electron Soft, which MVP claims is currently too close to the Electron Medium blend. Lizotte wasn’t the only one with a new disc release, however. MVP is commemorating his signing with the team by releasing an Axiom Envy in Prism Photon plastic for the first time. These have beautiful art done by Mike Inscho and have the official moniker “Rebirth” as a tribute to a new beginning for Eagle at MVP Discs and the competitive fire that burns within him.


Where Can I Buy the New Eagle and Simon Discs?

The Armory Disc Golf shop has all the new MVP drops available at the best prices you’ll find, including Eagle’s Prism Photon Envy and the Simon Line Pixel. You can pre order these items today and have them shipped to your doorstep on drop day. The Envy is known for being one of (if not the outright) best throwing putters in the game, and the Simon Line Pixel was designed by Lizotte himself, who boasted a season high putting percentage while putting with them at the United States Disc Golf Championship last year. These straight flyers have a deep profile, tons of glide, and love to float into chains from any distance- perfect for Simon and perfect for those aspiring to putt like him.

Eagle and Simon are back together at MVP and we couldn’t be more excited to see this dynamic duo reunited! We now eagerly await for updates on Eagle’s first Tour Series discs with the team and whether or not he will be headlining for Streamline Discs or if he will join his teammates Simon Lizotte and James Conrad in focusing on pushing gyro technology for the leading edge in disc golf.

Eagle McMahon Contract

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