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Throwing Down the Gauntlet 2024 sponsored by MVP Disc Sports

Throwing Down the Gauntlet 2024 sponsored by MVP Disc Sports

Armory Disc Golf is excited to announce Throwing Down the Gauntlet 2024, and our team is pumped for this year's sponsor MVP Disc Sports to bring you the very best the game has to offer! We are entering our second season of the best disc golf tour through Texas and we're excited to continue to innovate as we bring our players the very best disc golf experience the game has to offer.


What is Throwing Down the Gauntlet?

Throwing Down the Gauntlet is a yearlong season tour across Texas for players to compete in tournaments where they earn points for an invite to a big money championship. These events will be as simple as flex starts at your local courses to multi-day B Tiers with tons of added cash and huge point multipliers that will be critical in season standings.

Each event will function as a standalone event in addition to earning points towards season standings, and you'll receive payout after each one based on your performance- get ready to hit it big 😎

At the end of the season, top point earners and winners of Gold and Platinum Tier events will be invited to The Armory's home base in College Station to compete in the second annual TDTG Championship, where they'll play for thousands in added cash and prizes.

Full info on points structure, season standings, and more can be found here

When does Throwing Down the Gauntlet 2024 start?

This year's tour kicks off on February 3rd with a Gold Tier event at McDade Park in Conroe, TX. After that, we'll be heading all across the state throughout the year to put on tournaments at some of the best disc golf courses that Texas has to offer. Find and register for upcoming tournaments near you by following us on Disc Golf Scene!

Silver Tier flex starts will be run by our team of TDs across the state after this date and will continue throughout the season. Win 3 of these in a single division and you'll get an automatic bid to the Invitational at the end of the year! 🏆

Where can I find the schedule for TDTG 2024?

The schedule for Throwing Down the Gauntlet 2024 can be found at the bottom of our Events page. Gold and Platinum Tiers are set, but check back regularly throughout the year as we continue to update our dates and locations for Silver Tier flexes in your region!

What are the prizes?

Each event in the Throwing Down the Gauntlet season will have its own individual prize payout, so even if you aren't interested in competing for a regular season championship or an Invitational bid, you can still win some sweet new plastic at a flex start or shotgun start event. Ams will be paid out in store credit via eGift cards (or in person for bigger events), and Pros will be paid out via PayPal within a day or two of tournament completion. Unique trophies will be presented to winners of Gold and Platinum Tier events and season champions will receive a special rewards package at the end of the season.

For each participant in each event, we will set aside a bit of money for the end of season Invitational and then have a massive payout for our championship tournament at the end of the year. Earn your spot there and come join us for an event and experience that you'll never forget 🥇

Who is this year's sponsor for Throwing Down the Gauntlet?

MVP Disc Sports is the sponsor for Throwing Down the Gauntlet 2024. We would be surprised if you didn't know who MVP Disc Sports is, but just in case... 

MVP Disc Sports was co-founded in 2010 by brothers Brad and Chad Richardson with the mission of growing disc golf by producing high-tech premium discs. Utilizing their patented GYRO™ Overmold Technology, MVP has established itself as the Leader of Disc Golf Technology and an ever-growing disc golf brand. They have rocketed up to the forefront of the disc golf industry because of the incredible quality and performance of their products.

...having Simon Lizotte and Eagle McMahon doesn't hurt, either 😉

The Armory is honored for MVP Discs sponsoring this year's season tour. We are impressed by the quality of their work and professionalism in everything we've done with them and we couldn't be more excited to have them headlining for us this year.

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